Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Steps

This is a journey not just about agility with my dog, but also a journey for me. TillyBelle is my Australian Shepherd. She did not have the most supportive start in life to help her become a champion- but neither do a lot of people out there. Some dogs would have just shut down and made their way through life the best that they could. But not my TillyBelle. She grasped the first chance that she got towards having a good life and has never looked back. We have been all over the country together and I could learn a lot about letting the past go and moving forward from her.

THAT was a revelation in itself!

So now we have decided to start this agility journey. She starts class next Monday and for a year I will keep this blog as a training record for her and as a barometer and a measure if accountability for myself.

There are a few things that Tilly and I need to be successful in this new sport.

She needs to learn about the different obstacles in agility.
She needs to be less sound sensitive to outside noises.
She needs to learn to be easily directed out on course.
She needs to understand what obstacle I am sending her to.
She needs to learn to play with a toy and tug on it (and enjoy it).

She has several things that help her-

She is good in her crate at an event.
She is very focused on me.
She has an amazing work ethic.
She is very food motivated.

I need to do the following things-

I need to learn handling methods.
I need to learn about the different venues and games that are available.
I need to schedule regular training sessions into my day.
I need to lose 100 pounds.

And there you go- I buried the lead. In order for the two of us to be successful in this sport, Tilly needs to learn how to do agility and I need to lose 100 pounds. I have class once a week starting next Monday and i am going to use it as my personal Weight Watchers. Check in once a week to class- check in once a week on the scale.

Today is Wednesday, March 3, 2010. We have along way to go.........